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Loft Conversions and Garage Conversions in Warrington

At Jim Barton Building, Plumbing and Electrical, we made something of a name for ourselves as local specialists for renovations and bathrooms refurbishments. Homeowners in nearby Warrington also use us to transform properties through stylish loft conversions and garage conversions that revitalise underused and potentially valuable living space.


If your Warrington property already has a loft or a garage, there’s a good chance that either (or both) are filled with unwanted clutter and personal belongings. Loft conversions and garage conversions are used to optimise space for growing families who prefer not to incur the stress and the expense typically associated with moving.


While some homeowners in Warrington opt for extensions and renovations as a means of gaining extra living space, conversions are still the most affordable and realistic choice. A finished conversion can be used as an extra bedroom, an office or a relaxation area. Because we are also plumbing and electrical specialists, loft conversions and garage conversions can be used as an alternative to bathroom refurbishments if that’s what you’d prefer.

Why Choose Jim Barton for Loft Conversions and Garage Conversions?


  • Extra space is undoubtedly the biggest benefits Warrington clients receive from loft conversions and garage conversions. Who doesn’t need a little more room?
  • Unlike renovations, loft conversions tend to be less intrusive. In many cases, we can work directly through the roof instead of having to pass through your home.
  • Loft conversions, garage conversions and our wider range of services, including bathroom refurbishments, are proven to increase property values in Warrington.
  • A conversion eliminates the need to move home. This saves money on removal companies, legal fees, estate agent fees and the extra cost of a larger property.
  • Loft conversions and garage conversions can be used in any way you want. We’ve even converted previous lofts and garages to create man caves and game rooms!


Whatever you need us for, whether it’s one of our stunning conversions, a bathroom refurbishment or renovations, we have your needs covered as one of the friendliest and most personable building, plumbing and electrical companies to cover the Warrington area. Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.


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